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Our Repeaters

WARC operates 6 repeaters (all with a 103.5 PL):

For decades we operated three 2m repeaters.  In 2015 three 70cm repeaters were brought online.

•    WØSOE 146.79(-) MHz in Wichita
•    WØSOE 442.325(+) MHz in Wichita
Located on the top of Wesley Medical Center in Wichita at a height of about 135'.  Known as the metropolitan repeaters.  The 442.325 repeater was donated and cost the club nothing to setup and will help us link repeaters in the future.

•    WØSOE 442.25(+) MHz Yaesu System Fusion Digital repeater. 

Also located at Wesley Medical Center.  Operates in Digital mode only.  Yaesu's promotional program for the System Fusion repeater was too enticing so our members pooled their money and bought it.  This repeater only cost the club $140 to setup. 

•    WØUUS 146.82(-) MHz in Hutchinson (connected to the Kan-Okla radio network)
•    WØUUS 444.65(+) MHz also in Hutchinson (also connected to the Kan-Okla radio network).                       

Located on the KWCH TV antenna just East of Hutchinson.  This tower is the highest structure in the State of Kansas.  Our antennas are located at the 200’ level—we were located over 1,000’, but had to lower them due to digital TV conversion and the cost of all that feedline.  The 444.65 repeater was put together from donated parts and cost about $30 to setup.  It was originally planned as a link between Derby and Hutchinson.  It works better than the 2m repeater, so we published it as an open repeater.


•    WØUUS 146.85(-) MHz (PL 103.5 in and out) in Derby (connected to the Kan-Okla radio network)
Located just South of Derby at about 200' on the tower.  It does have a battery for backup power, but will not last for extended outages. 

WARC maintains ready to deploy equipment to be used for emergencies or special events.  We have a remote transmitter—it will take a weak handheld signal and boost it all the way to the repeater tower.  We also have a trailer stocked with everything needed to setup communications whenever and wherever the need arises.

Membership dues along with donations are how we are able to keep the repeaters on-line and provide essential communications during emergencies and special events.  Donations of equipment and money will go a long way to help us—and may be tax deductible (we are a 501c3 organization—need a receipt, ask any board member).