Status updated: 17th Oct, 2017
The October 2017 Grounded Grid can be viewed or downloaded here. - View Post

Status updated: 8th Oct, 2017
A big thank you to all the amateur radio operators out there that took the time to check in to the WARC net this evening. There were well more than 30 checkins from all over the KanOkla network and the greater Wichita area. It was great to serve as net control again this evening. 73 de Dale - View Post

Status updated: 7th Oct, 2017
WARC Members displaying some equipment that is for sale. While shaking hands while promoting their club. - View Post

Status updated: 29th Sep, 2017
Can someone from this organization please call Jill at The Salvation Army in Wichita (no emergency). 316-425-6114. Thank you. - View Post

Status updated: 18th Sep, 2017
WARC has some Heath Kit HF gear for sale SB401 TX, SB300 RX, SB620 scope. SB104A XCVR with SB604 speaker power supply and SB634 wattmeter/phone patch. Not shown a second set of twins SB401/ SB300 with SB610 band scope.SB200 amp, SB201 amp, and SB220 amp. If you are interested e-mail sr-tech at warc1 dot org. - View Post

Status updated: 18th Sep, 2017
There is a large scale disaster exercise scheduled for the Wichita Eisenhower airport 9:30 AM September 19. There will be smoke, fire, and volunteer role players involved plus about 300 first responders from various emergency management agencies involved. This may result in some inconvenience to the public if you happen to be in the area. - View Post

Status updated: 17th Sep, 2017
A Yaesu Represenative will be at the Oct 4 2017 WARC club meeting to present System Fusion. The club is collecting advance questions. If you will be at the meeting and have a question you would like addressed please e-mail it to Board at WARC1 dot org so we can pass it along before the meeting. - View Post

Status updated: 15th Sep, 2017
I am new here KE0OKF is my call just got it last month. I would like a used 2 band Mobil for my car if anyone has one for sale.. Right now I have a hand held with the 2 meter and .75 meter and on it. my email is - View Post

Status updated: 12th Sep, 2017
The September 2017 Grounded Grid newsletter is available at the following link. - View Post

Status updated: 10th Sep, 2017
It is time to recruit officers to serve on the WARC board for 2018. If you would be willing to serve or know of someone that would be good in a position please e-mail past-pres at warc1 dot org. Elected positions are President, Vice President, secretary, treasurer, Jr director. There are also a number of appointed positions that also are part of the board such as field day chair, membership sec, welcome committee chair, newsletter editor, tech committee, webmaster, etc. if you have some skills there are places available to help keep the club functioning. - View Post

Status updated: 8th Sep, 2017
Derby 85 Repeater site work day Saturday Sept 16 9AM Goal is to get some new weather proof seal on the outside walls Paint rollers, trays, and ladders are all you need to be able to lend a hand with getting it ready for winter. 95th south near woodlawn. - View Post