Status updated: 11th Jan, 2018
It is with deep regret we report the passing of Matthew Cox KD0AMF WARC President for 2018. Amended: Memorial Service 24 January 2018 10AM Church of Jesus Christ 1409 S Rock Rd Wichita KS. - View Post

Status updated: 10th Jan, 2018
The fusion repeater on 442.250 in Wichita will be down starting early next week for upgrade from DR1-x to DR2-x this may take several weeks to complete. Watch for updates. - View Post

Status updated: 10th Jan, 2018
OPERATING TIP Avoid Exchange Ambiguity Make sure the contest exchange that you are using is crisp and unequivocal. Here's an example of an exchange that fails this criteria: The ARRL RTTY Roundup exchange uses signal report and state, and a W9 station sends "599 IN IL IL." IN and IL are both states in the W9 call area, both were sent in the exchange. What goes in the log? Which will be used for log scoring? - View Post

Status updated: 10th Jan, 2018
Consider trying something new in January. For example, operating with others as a team. By choosing the right contest, you can remain solitary and stoic in your shack and don't even have to enter in the multi-operator category. In the upcoming North American QSO Party (NAQP) contests, teams can be formed with other NAQP competitors. The rules (PDF) state a "team must consist of two to five Single-Operator stations whose individual scores are combined to produce a team score. Although clubs or other groups having more than five members may form multiple teams, there are no distance or meeting requirements for a team entry. Teams must be registered prior to the start of the contest." You operate from your QTH, and submit your score as if you were a single operator. There's also the traditional multi-operator category, where a number of operators gather at one location to jointly operate. In that context it's easier to share tips and techniques, and to notice small things that others do while operating that might improve your score. As with any contest, using a search engine to search "NAQP strategies" can lead to a multi-hour advice adventure. Things to consider would be when to take an off time, how to balance rates versus multipliers, and where to point a beam. - View Post

Status updated: 9th Jan, 2018
Hello all. Would you believe that 2018 is here already and today, January 8, the Kansas Legislature has convened for their 2018 session. You are receiving this email because you either helped last year with the Senate Bill 144 legislation initiative or you signed up to be kept informed when I spoke at the 2017 ARRL forum in Salina this past August. This coming year will be the deciding year to ensure that Kansas amateur radio operators can continue to legally use our wireless radio equipment while operating a motor vehicle. During last year’s legislative session Senate Bill 144 was introduced and passed in the Senate prohibiting the use of any wireless access devices at certain times while driving. A House bill had already been introduced to prohibit the use of any wireless communication device that is held close to the ear while driving. A group of amateur radio operators were able to intervene before the House Transportation Committee completed their hearings and were able to get the following wording included in the distracted driving Senate Bill 144: The provisions of this section shall not apply to a person operating two-way radio communications equipment including, but not limited to, equipment used in the amateur radio service or the private land mobile radio services. After this wording was added to the Bill, the House Transportation Committee did not vote to pass this bill because they had concerns with some of the other provisions of the Bill. Even though the Bill failed to pass out of the House Transportation Committee, it is far from dead. Distracted driving is getting a lot of attention. Recently, the Highway Patrol sent the following tweet: “WOW !!! We are up almost 100 fatalities from two years ago. What on earth is so important on your cellphone that it's worth your life?” I have been in touch with my Senator, Sen. Vicki Schmidt, who initiated SB 144, and she intends to resurrect that Bill and get the wording cleaned up so it will pass. The amateur radio community must remain vigilant during this process to ensure the wording protecting amateur radio usage remains intact. There will be at least three different times when the amateur radio community will need to be directly involved. First, the wording of SB144 will be updated to address the concerns that the House Transportation Committee had and hearings will then be held. The amateur radio community will need to let the members of that committee know the provision added last year to exempt the amateur radio community must remain. I will let you know when this needs to happen. Secondly, when the bill goes to the full House to be voted on, it will be imperative to let your Representative know they need to support the amateur radio provision of this bill. Thirdly, there will probably also be a time when you will need to let your Senator know they also need to support the amateur radio provision of this bill. There is something that you can do right now to prepare for your involvement in this coming initiative, and that is determine who your Representative and Senator are and put that information in a place so you can get your hands on it when the time comes to contact your elected officials. Here is how you do it. Go to the following link:, and select “Registration Information”. Enter your first and last name and your date of birth and press “Search”. Under “Districts” you will see Kansas Senate followed by a number, and Kansas Representative followed by a number. These numbers represent the Senate district and Representative district in which you reside. Record each of these numbers, then go to the attached documents and find each of those Senate and Representative districts and record the name and contact information for both your Senator and Representative, and keep that information handy. When I let you know it is time to contact your elected officials, you will know who to contact and their contact information. There will also be times when we will need you to either be present at specific committee hearings in Topeka or be willing to contact everyone on a specific committee about this legislation. When that time comes, I will let you know and will provide you with the names and contact information of the legislators on the committee. Please plan now to be willing to help in this very important initiative. Other states have passed similar legislation without the voices of the amateur radio operators being heard and now they are suffering the results of their lack of involvement. We cannot let this happen in Kansas. Thanks in advance for your help. Please pass this information on to other amateurs you are in contact with and with any radio clubs you may be involved in. Anyone who would like to get their name on the mailing list can contact me at 73’s Bob Eckhardt, N0MEI - View Post

Status updated: 9th Jan, 2018
The National Conference of Volunteer Examiner Coordinators (NCVEC) has announced the release of the 2018-2022 Amateur Radio Element 2 Technician class license question pool into the public domain. Each question pool must be published and made available to the public prior to its use as a question set, from which individual examinations are developed. Alert the NCVEC Question Pool Committee to any necessary corrections or typographical errors via email at, . The new Technician license question pool contains 428 questions. It will become effective for all Technician class license examinations starting on July 1, 2018. - View Post

Status updated: 9th Jan, 2018
Winter VHF Tripp opening in the Midwest today 1/9/18 - View Post

Status updated: 6th Jan, 2018
Mark and Sean in the bigtime!! - View Post

Status updated: 4th Jan, 2018
The first WARC meeting for 2018 was held yesterday 1/3/18 at the First E Free church which is a temporary location until the new American Legion Building is finished. An agreement is in place for them to provide meeting space for the club. Coming events are ARRL kids day station at Exploration Place Saturday Jan 6 10am-5pm. We need volunteers to help man the station. Also Feb 17 Installation of officers banquet at Spears 6PM. Program for the evening was a tag team with Kb0kfh talking about WSJT JT8 digital mode operation on HF followed by kf0m giving a short history of the VHF weak signal operating methods that led to the development of the WSJT modes. - View Post

Status updated: 21st Dec, 2017
FCC Penalizes Marketer of Ham-Band Drone Audio-Visual Transmitters The FCC has imposed a $180,000 civil penalty on a Sarasota, Florida, company that had been marketing noncompliant audio-visual transmitters intended for use on drones in violation of the Commission's Amateur Service and marketing rules. In an Order released on December 19, the FCC explained that Lumenier Holdco LLC (formerly known as FPV Manuals LLC) was advertising and marketing uncertified AV transmitters capable of operating on both amateur and non-amateur frequencies, including bands reserved for federal government use. Some of the transmitters also exceeded the 1 W power limit for Amateur Radio transmitters used on model craft, the FCC said. "Moreover, entities that rely on amateur frequencies in operating compliant AV transmitters must have an amateur license and otherwise comply with all applicable laws for such operation," the FCC said in the Order. The FCC said that while it generally has not required amateur equipment to be certified if it operates solely on Amateur Radio frequencies, certification is required if a device can operate outside of the ham bands. Last January, in what it called an "extremely urgent complaint" to the FCC, ARRL targeted the interference potential of a series of audio/video transmitters used on unmanned aircraft and marketed as Amateur Radio equipment. ARRL General Counsel Chris Imlay, W3KD, said those transmitters used frequencies intended for navigational aids, air traffic control radar, air route surveillance radars, and global positioning systems. In addition to paying a civil penalty, Lumenier, which has admitted to marketing the noncompliant AV transmitters, will enter into a Consent Decree with the FCC to settle the enforcement proceeding and terminate the investigation. The case stemmed from complaints received by the Enforcement Bureau's Spectrum Enforcement Division. "The investigation revealed that some of the AV transmitters marketed by Lumenier were capable of being operated outside of the authorized Amateur Radio Service bands, including on frequencies reserved in whole or in part for federal agencies, but were not certified or otherwise compliant with the rules," the FCC said in its Order. "These AV transmitters are considered intentional radiators and must comply with the Commission's Equipment Authorization and Marketing rules." The FCC said that Lumenier ceased marketing the noncompliant transmitters after receiving a Letter of Inquiry from the FCC last April. - View Post

Status updated: 18th Dec, 2017
A few Wichita hams have offered to donate funds towards the purchase of a DR2-X repeater to replace the existing DR1-X taking advantage of the Yaesu trade in program. The club board voted to move forward with this even though we do not have enough donations at this time to cover the full cost. In addition to the repeater, the club is in the process of purchasing a Yaesu mobile radio and wires-X box to establish an internet connection sometime in 2018. If you are interested in Fusion please donate to WARC to help support this upgrade. The club address is PO Box 771227 Wichita, KS 67277-1227 or stop by the Derby Radio Shack and put it in the drop box. - View Post

Status updated: 16th Dec, 2017
WARC will not have a formal "on the air" net at 8PM on Christmas Eve Sunday December 24 or New Year's Eve Sunday December 31. If you happen to be around at 8PM either evening we will have a relaxed informal holiday net round table type activity on the kan-okla intertie system. The last formal WARC net for 2017 will be Sunday evening Dec 17. - View Post

Status updated: 13th Dec, 2017
> Kansas Section News Summary September/October 2017 > > Silent Keys > KC0HRM- Carl Brewer, Paola > WA0EAF- Gary Mayfield, Marquette > ------------------------------------------ > > The outdoor public service event season has wrapped up for the year. > There were a couple of events that made for a busy weekend in the KC > area this fall. > > Bikers For Babies and Bike MS took place on the same weekend. For Bike > MS around 1600 pedaled their way from Olathe to Lawrence and back over > two days. While Bikers For Babies attracted in the area of 5,000 to ride > their motorcycles on an 80 mile route in Eastern Kansas. Herb-NZ0F is > the Ham Chairman for Bike MS and Matt-KC4WCG has coordinated Bikers For > Babies communications for many years. > > Simulated Emergency Test was held the first weekend in October. > WD0EUF Reported McPherson ARES assisting with the ULTRA-RUNNER 100 mile > run in the Flint Hills as their S.E.T exercise. On our 75 meter nets I > received Radiograms from K0DXY, WD0DMV and K0EQH. K0DXY reported their > comm. Trailer was ready for activation. > > Johnson County RAC held their annual auction at the Ensor Museum and > Park. The morning began on the cool side but bidding soon heated things > up. There were antennas, hand-helds, receivers, tubes, test devices, > power supplies and more. Items from the shacks of N8FN and N0QMB, both > SKs, filled two tables by themselves. There were a couple of nice > looking Zeniths and a Benton Harbor Lunchbox as well. The auction > profit is split with the museum to help keep it open. A fun morning and > good conversation made it a wonderful day. > > Scouting 500 took place at Kansas Speedway in Wyandotte, Co. > This was a Heart of America Council Camporee where almost 12,000 scouts > and leaders participated in scouting activities including Amateur Radio. > Ham activities were coordinated by David Hinckley-KA0SOG of Lees Summit, > MO. There were 10 tables set up for the scouts to experience the Science > and technology of Ham radio including an A.R.I.S.S. contact with the > International Space Station. Many operators from the area participated > making this again a successful weekend. > > In W.A.R.C. Grounded Grid KD0WAT details his and KD0WAUs successful > portable operation at Teter Rock near Cassoday for our QSO party. Their > mixed mode effort pulled in 273 contacts. > > At Johnson County RAC meeting N0GSG, WA0CBW and KY0F demonstrated > methods of soldering that included surface mount techniques. > > Wichita Area Hamfest was very well attended this year and all the tables > were full of interesting items. > W.A.R.C. brought in the Yaesu Rep., there was a YL meeting and the cap > people were back as well. Valley Center club did a great job putting the > event together. > > Johnson County is running a Fusion C4FM net on 440 with good > participation. > > Wichita area amateurs have been exploring FLDIGI for emergency > communications and coordinating using 146.79 in a net format. > > Because of poor band conditions the Kansas Sideband Net has temporarily > moved to 5:30PM Central. Frequency is still 3920 kHz. The Weather Net > follows when the Sideband net wraps up. As soon as things improve we'll > go back to the regular time. > ---------------------------- > September Nets 2017 > NET Sess QNI QTC Mgr > Ks.Sideband.Net---------30-------689------53-----Open > Ks.Phone.Net------------22-------282-------2-----Open > Ks.AM.WX Net------------30-------778-----702-----WB0YWZ-Louie > Ks.Weather Net----------30-------850-----785-----WB0YWZ- Louie > Central.States.Tfc.Net- 26------1519------28-----KE0DL--Dave > QKS.CW.NTS.Tfc.Net------57-------175------22-----NB0Z---James > QKS-SS.Slow.Speed--------4--------11-------1-----WD0ESF-Mike > > KANSAS INDEPENDENT NETS > NET-NAME---------SESSIONS---CHECK-INS----Msgs.--- REPORTER > Mine Creek ARC----------4---------21-------0------KB0DTI > Wheat State Wrls -------4---------35-------0------KB0DTI > Central Kansas QCWA-----5---------33-------0------N0LL > K-Link Linked System----5--------115-------0------N0MXI > Wichita Club Net--------4---------37-------0------KF0M > > A.R.E.S. Reports received: KC0BS, K0EQH, WD0EUF KE0LHK > > October Nets 2017 > NET Sess QNI QTC Mgr > Ks.Sideband.Net---------31-------698------53-----Open > Ks.Phone.Net------------19-------239-------8-----Open > Ks.AM.WX Net------------31-------872-----788-----WB0YWZ-Louie > Ks.Weather Net----------31-------888-----817-----WB0YWZ- Louie > Central.States.Tfc.Net- 26------1516------27-----KE0DL--Dave > QKS.CW.NTS.Tfc.Net------50-------154------40-----NB0Z---James > QKS-SS.Slow.Speed--------5--------15-------1-----WD0ESF-Mike > > KANSAS INDEPENDENT NETS > NET-NAME---------SESSIONS---CHECK-INS----Msgs.--- REPORTER > Mine Creek ARC----------4---------24-------0------KB0DTI > Wheat State Wrls -------4---------26-------0------KB0DTI > Central Kansas QCWA-----4---------29-------0------N0LL > US Center ARC-----------5---------27-------0------N0LL > K-Link Linked System----4--------103-------0------N0MXI > Reno County ARA---------4---------36-------0------K0RCJ > Wichita Club Net--------5---------32-------0------KF0M > > A.R.E.S. Reports received: KC0BS, K0EQH, WD0EUF, KC0NFG > > Newsletters received: Chirps, Feedback, Grounded Grid, Jackson ARC, > KCDX News, QNU-HARC, Santa Fe Trail, The Transceiver > ------------------------------------------------------------- > Freqs: WX, Phone and SSB 3920; CW 3547; Central States 7253.5 > Schedule can be found here: > > If you know of a member without e-mail access please let me know > and I will place their news in the US Mail. > 73, Ron > > -------------------------------------------------------------------- > ARRL Kansas Section > Section Manager: Ron D Cowan, KB0DTI > > -------------- - View Post